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  • von FLORIS Catering Berlin
  • 05 Dez, 2017

The augmentation of gingerbread

Like every year, when Christmas is approaching FLORIS opens its treasure chest and reveals one of our chef’s secret recipes. This year it is not only delicious, but very practical.

We have all experienced this, the best Christmas cookies have vanished long before the holidays. The less popular soon serve more of a decoration purpose than a sweet toothed admirer. Here is a recipe that will make your last cookies move like hot cakes.

Let’s rum-ball!

What to do with your not so fresh and less popular Christmas cookies. We have a sweet idea – you need chocolate, marmalade, powdered sugar and grated coconut.

For 10 rum-balls you need:

50 g white chocolate

50 g butter

450 g mix of Christmas cookies, gingerbread, etc.

50 g ground almonds

1 tbs orange marmalade

5-7 tbs brown rum

100 g grated coconut

about 4 tbs powdered sugar

large freezer bag

Break chocolate in pieces. Mix with butter and melt over low heat in a small pan. Put your mix of Christmas cookies in a large freezer bag. Close the bag and crush the contents with a rolling pin or sauce pan

In a bowl mix the cookie crumbs with your almonds, marmalade and rum (a dry cookie mix might need more rum than moist cookies). Then add the liquid chocolate butter and combine all.

Form about 10 apricot sized balls and chill them for at least 1 hour.

Mix coconut and powdered sugar and coat the balls with it in a bowl. Chilled they will keep for up to a week.

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