Future is the greatest present

  • von FLORIS Catering Berlin
  • 05 Dez, 2017

A prospect for disadvantaged children

Alcohol and AIDS are major problems in Namibia with which the population is confronted on a daily base. In most cases children are helpless victims.

Then years ago, in Namibia, two exceptionally remarkable people, Reinhulde Anton and her husband, had the idea to get orphaned children off the streets to give them guidance, purpose and a prospect in life.

They founded the Ama-Buruxa Culture Group. Today this group is about 45 children strong between the ages of 11 an 18. They meet regularly for their meals, to dance and make music.

Ama-Buruxa arranges small performances and travels through Namibia wherever finances allow. Most of the children have never left their village before.

We were fascinated by the activity and the positive attitude this group emanates during their dance performances. Which was an especially humbling experience considering the stories behind every child.We want to support this exceptional mission by donating the value of our previous Christmas effort to this well deserving project. Money we would otherwise invest in personal Christmas cards and gifts.

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