• von FLORIS Catering Berlin
  • 09 Jan, 2017

We can all deal with food consciously and sustainably!

FLORIS Catering News Lebensmittelverschwendung

As a catering company, which stands for sustainability, conscious nutrition and regional cuisine, avoiding the waste of food is a big issue for us. Therefore, when purchasing, we pay attention to the fact that we only buy relevant quantities, which must be very fresh. Especially in the warm season, fresh foods have a shorter life. That is why we have developed good strategies for keeping and planning to prevent food decay. When processing the raw materials, we also pay attention to the fact that as little waste as possible is produced.

It is therefore all the more pleasing to us that more and more private households and businesses are able to counteract food waste across Europe. In France and Italy, for example, large supermarkets are no longer allowed to discard food that is still edible. They should be donated or offered much cheaper. The rest of the food is then composted.

A concept called "food sharing" is becoming more and more popular in Germany. These are Internet platforms on which private households or companies can offer their remaining food. The interested parties can collect the so-called "food baskets" in a shop or at an arranged meeting place free of charge.

So if the fridge is sometimes swarming and you are afraid not to consume all the food in time. Or if you go on vacation and the fridge is still full, just donate your superfluous food to others.

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