• von FLORIS Catering Berlin
  • 01 Mär, 2017

FLORIS with healthy awakeners in the glass and Superfood


This year the "fantastically fruity" trade celebrated its 25th anniversary in Berlin! 75,000 trade visitors from 135 countries and 3,000 exhibitors simply convinced. Germany is the partner country in 2017 and is also the largest consumer market for fruit and vegetables in Europe. Highest quality standards and reliability of trading partners make Germany even more important in export.

With a huge selection of  FLORIS healthy awakeners in the glass, vital snacks, healthy little things and a lot of action-taking, we were able to inspire our customers. A lot of hustle and bustle brought all the employees on high tours, both behind and before the scenes of the fair.

The result: maximum satisfied customers and fit, vitalizing as well as light measuring delicious food. Because everyone can gain energy and vitality with our snacks. This meant that our customers still had full energy storage for other events and parties in the capital, despite the fact that they were busy.

We especially recommend the FLORIS Fruit Bar, Fruit-Water, Smoothies, especially for trade-shows, conferences and seminars.

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